Monthly Archives: September 2012

Some days

Regina Spektor – Somedays

I feel that lately many day’s haven’t been mine at all. Don’t really know what to do about it though. Don’t really know what that feeling means.

Today it feels like I spend my days writing songs I don’t finish, reading books I don’t finish, writing emails that don’t get answered. Wanting to relax and watch some TV, ending up answering emails and checking Facebook when I do. Missing my boyfriend when he’s away, getting angry with him when he’s here. I wonder whose days these are…

Maybe it’s just weather-related melancholia.

Band Practice

Had a great band practice last night with my talented boys. 🙂 It’s really nice to get away from the computer/studio and make music together with other people. Maybe we can play the song I’m working on now on the gig in November, if I can finish it and decide on how I want it to sound. It annoys me that it’s not finished yet, I guess the work I do to make money takes time from the work I do because I love it. I’ll try to make a little less money and a little more music in the weeks to come.

I booked another “gig” today, I’m gonna be singing Christmas songs at a nursing home in December (and I’ll actually combine music and making money for once then). I guess it won’t be the most glamorous event but since I’m a real sucker for Christmas I’m really looking forward to it. It’s usually kind of cozy singing at nursing homes, especially around Christmas…


When you wake up cause it feels like your bangs are going to choke you in your sleep, it’s really time to get a haircut… But today the plan is to work on the next track on my EP, not going to the hairdresser, so I just have to hope I’ll survive another night…