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I sleep horribly on Saturday nights. I think it might be because I sleep so well on Friday nights. And for so long in the morning…

Yesterday I recorded lead vocals and harmonies for a new song. Every time I woke up during the night, the chorus harmonies started playing in my head. But it was actually kind of soothing. I just wanna work on this song all day, using my new monitors (<3) but I need to analyze a piano piece for a composition course I’m taking, and do laundry to have a clean Friskis outfit for my “aerobics” class tomorrow.

And I’m so tired now due to sleep badly because I slept well. Let’s cross our fingers and hope that lots of coffee will help me through my chores and to the world of music making 😛




On Sunday the EP will finally be released, on iTunes and Spotify among other platforms. One of the track has been available online since September but the other two haven’t been available until now (though I have performed them live). I really hope you’ll enjoy them! 🙂

Apart from spending the day being thrilled about the release, I will hopefully go to the theater on Sunday to see this performance (all the lines are taken from conversations with children). I was going to see it on December 30 but it was canceled the same day due to illness, so I really hope I get to see it now. And that it’s as good as I hope. Haven’t been to the theater in ages.

So please cross your fingers that the play isn’t canceled and listen to my EP (and spread the word about it) on Sunday!

Intense week ahead

Wow, I just discovered that the sun is shining outside and realized that I don’t think it has been for a long time here in Örebro. Still the winter seems to be far away, November has been “warm” (10-8 °C) so no snow in sight. The weather has just been really shitty, dark, wet, all colorful autumn leaves gone and no snow to brighten things up. I would really like some winter now. Even though it makes it so much more difficult to go anywhere by bike. At least snow is really soft, if you should fall…

Last Friday we had a small gig (all performers got 15 minutes of fame each 😛 ) here at Örebro Culture Night, on Wednesday we’ll go to Uppsala to play at Pub 19, on Friday we’ll play at Treehouse at Satin back in Örebro, on Saturday it’ll be a different genre completely when the choir I sing in, Stella Kammarkör, are doing a concert with music for choir and organ in Nicolaikyrkan in Örebro. And finally I’ll be in the studio on Sunday, recording a new track for the EP.

Wish you all a great week (and hope to see you at my concerts of course)!


(My cheerful friend Grodi)

Some days

Regina Spektor – Somedays

I feel that lately many day’s haven’t been mine at all. Don’t really know what to do about it though. Don’t really know what that feeling means.

Today it feels like I spend my days writing songs I don’t finish, reading books I don’t finish, writing emails that don’t get answered. Wanting to relax and watch some TV, ending up answering emails and checking Facebook when I do. Missing my boyfriend when he’s away, getting angry with him when he’s here. I wonder whose days these are…

Maybe it’s just weather-related melancholia.